Smith, J. A., Yates, K., Lee, H., Thompson, M. W., Holcombe, B. V., & Martin, D. T. (1997). Pre-cooling improves cycling performance in hot/humid conditions. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 1501.

Whether pre-cooling of the torso skin prior to competition would delay onset of fatigue was examined in male (N = 9) triathletes.

A cooling vest produced a skin temperature of 10 degrees Celsius compared with 33 degrees when no vest was worn. Onset of fatigue was delayed in the pre-cooled condition. The slower onset of fatigue may be due to less blood being diverted to the skin during exercise.

Implication. Pre-cooling the skin to temperatures much colder than ambient surroundings delays the onset of fatigue.

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