Schiller, E. R., Mitchell, J. B., Miller, J. R., Dugas, J. P., & Pizza, F. X. (1997). Effect of different cooling methods on thermoregulation following intermittent anaerobic exercise in the heat. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 564.

The effects of passive cooling in the heat, passive cooling at room temperature, fan cooling at room temperature, and fan cooling with water spraying, on core temperature and dehydration after anaerobic exercise in the heat (38 degrees Celsius) were compared.

Males (N = 10) completed two sets of 6 x 30 sec sprints with 30 sec rest intervals at 125% VO2max followed by each of the cooling protocols.

Cooling rate and time taken for core temperature reduction were achieved most effectively by passive cooling at room temperature. Other methods were not as effective.

Implication. Passive cooling in a cool environment produces the fastest recovery from elevated temperatures and other effects of performing intermittent work in the heat.

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