Greiwe, J. S., Staffey, K. S., Melrose, D. R., Narve, M. D., & Knowlton, R. G. (1997). Effects of dehydration on isometric muscular strength and endurance in unacclimatized men. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 759.

Rapid dehydration effects on isometric muscular strength and endurance were investigated.

Males (N = 7) were tested at baseline and after dehydration and euhydration. Dehydration was accomplished in a sauna and continued until 4% of body mass was lost. Euhydration consisted of fluid replacement while in the sauna environment.

Results indicated that isometric strength and endurance were unaffected 3.5 hours following dehydration despite reduced blood plasma factors.

Implication. Although dehydration and heat were shown not to affect strength, it would be sage policy to maintain adequate levels of hydration no matter what the activity or environmental conditions.

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