Razmumov, S. A., & Saburov, P. S. (1978). Psychophysiological substantiation of the regimens of precompetitive preparation of ski-jumpers. Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, 9, 35-39.

Types of personality, specifically extroverts and introverts, were related to the precompetition behaviors of ski-jumpers over several days.

  1. Extroverts lowered their emotional loading approaching competitions by alternately applying specific and general fitness exercises, as well as by resting just before the contest.
  2. Introverts reached their best form through a gradual increase in the number of jumps interchanged with the application of general and specific exercises as the contest time drew near.

Thus, depending upon the classification of personality, precompetition regimens differed. Extroverts gradually reduced activity while introverts increased it as the competition neared.

Implication. Each athlete needs a special preparatory program to perform well. It would be erroneous to recommend common preparations for many athletes because their individual needs would not be accommodated with appropriate activities.

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