Telford, R. D., & Minikin, B. R. (1989). The tri-level test for runners - a simple method of general fitness evaluation. Excel, 6, 33-36.

How tests may differentiate runners of different types is illustrated. The concept was originally published as Telford, R. D., Minikin, B. R., Hooper, A., & Hahn, A. B. (1989). A simple method for the assessment of general fitness - the Tri-level Profile. Australian Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 21, 6-9.

To be done on an ergometer.

  1. Aerobic Index. Submaximal stepwise test where work-rate is gradually increased until a target HR (3/4 max HR) is recorded. The work rate is noted (watts) and expressed as per kg body weight.
  2. Alactic Power / Capacity Index. Maximum power (watts) and work capacity (kilojoules) is recorded for 10 sec max, divide by kg body weight to give power and alactic work capacity per kg.
  3. Anaerobic Capacity Index. All-out 30 sec effort - work is expressed in joules/kg.

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