Van Schoyck, R. S., & Grasha, A. F. (1981). Attentional style variations and athletic ability: The advantage of a sports-specific test. Journal of Sport Psychology, 3, 149-165.

The TAIS does not seem sensitive enough to detect differences in attentional style between performers of different skill levels. This is in agreement with the findings of Poole et al. (1985).

[Poole, C., Henschen, K. P., Shultz, B., Gordin, R., & Hill. J. (October, 1985). A longitudinal investigation of the psychological profiles of elite collegiate female athletes according to performance level. A paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology, Jekyll Island, Georgia.]

Implication. This investigation cast some doubt on the usefulness of the TAIS in its current form as a sport performance predictor.

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