Brent S. Rushall, San Diego State University and Sports Science Associates

SSA provides testing services to sport psychologists and sport psychology consultants. Materials and analyses are provided for a fee.

SSA only uses scientifically established sport-specific psychological tests. Situation-specific tests have been shown to be more reliable, valid, and accurate than tests that consider unrelated situations outside of the elite sporting arena. The sport psychology tests that are available through SSA's services are as follows:

  1. Sport Locus of Control (IE) Scale (SIES)
  2. Coach Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ)
  3. Achievement Motivations Scale for Sporting Environments (AMSSE)
  4. Behavioral Inventories for Athletes
  5. Psychological Inventories for Baseball Players
  6. Psychological Inventories for Basketball Players
  7. Behavioral Inventories for Ice-hockey Players
  8. Psychological Inventories for Competitive Rowers
  9. Psychological Inventories for Soccer Players
  10. Psychological Inventories for Competitive Swimmers
  11. Psychological Inventories for Tennis Players
  12. Psychological Inventories for Volleyball Players
  13. Behavioral Inventories for Cross-country Skiers
  14. Sport Goal-setting Inventory
  15. Sport Self-control Schedule (SSCS)
  16. Pre-competition Psychological Checklist (PCPC)
  17. Daily Analyses of Life-demands for Athletes (DALDA)
  18. Sport Pressure Checklist (SPC)
  19. Champion Characteristics Checklist (CCC)

Any sport can be evaluated with a selection from these tests to produce immediate understandable results. The standard elite-athlete-testing package comprises an appropriate set of behavioral/psychological inventories, the SIES, AMSSE, and SSCS. Some tests are available in languages other than English. The ethics of sport psychology testing and consultations are strictly observed.

The sport psychology testing capabilities of SSA are used by elite athletic academies and institutes in Norway, Australia, Great Britain, and South Africa. Testing for particular national and professional sporting organizations is conducted in 16 countries.


  1. Inquire as to what are the appropriate tests for a suitable battery for your purpose by emailing Dr. Brent Rushall. Other information can be provided as well.
  2. Order the tests and service quoted in writing with an accompanying deposit for the materials.
  3. The testing package will be air-mailed within 24 hours of receipt of an order.
  4. Results will be analyzed and air-mailed within 24 hours of receipt of the testing materials, completed answer sheets, and a balance of payment for the service.

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