Prasad, N., Coutts, K. D., Jesperson, D., Wolski, L., Cooper, T., Sheel, W., Lama, I., & McKenzie, D. C. (1995). Relationship between aerobic and anaerobic exercise capacities in pre-pubertal children. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 27(5), Supplement abstract 640.

In both male and female children, those who performed best anaerobically also performed best aerobically. In children, energy systems appear to be able to compensate for each other and "cross" the line of supposed specialization. There is no evidence of metabolic specialization in pre-pubertal children.

Implication. When planning training and fitness programs for pre-pubertal children, there is no point in differentiating between anaerobic and aerobic work. General fitness will be accommodated within the capabilities of children of this age.

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