Dykstra, G. L., Demetriou, D. G., Copay, A. G., & Boileau, R. A. (1996). Effect of six week sprint and endurance training programs on prepubescent children. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 244.

Groups (sprint, endurance, and control) of children were trained for 20 minutes in a specific program four times a week for six weeks.

No differences were observed between the two training groups in either aerobic or anaerobic performance parameters. Differences were observed between the training a control groups.

The training effects of each different program were not specific indicating that children can be trained aerobically in a sprint (anaerobic) program.

Implication. The effects of specific training programs are general in children. Any form of training trains all capacities in growing children.

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