An Example from Golf

Brent S. Rushall, Ph.D., R.Psy. and Dennis Ford, M.Sc.

The diagram below illustrates the sequence of instructional progressions for learning to swing a 7-iron golf club. Picture 1 shows the address position which is necessary to teach how to grip the club. The second picture is the terminal position to be attained at the end of the follow-through. In accordance with correct pedagogical principles, each trial must be completed successfully by attaining the desired terminal position.

This sequence is derived from Rushall and Ford (1982) and is repeated in the abstract in this issue of Coaching Science Abstracts that recounts that article.


Rushall, B. S., & Ford, D. (1982). Teaching backwards - an alternative skill instruction progression. CAHPER Journal, 48(5), 16-20.

Teaching progressions for golf

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