Hall, C. R., (1985). Individual differences in the mental practice and imagery of motor skill performance. Canadian Journal of Applied Sport Sciences, 10, 17S-21S.

  1. There is much contradictory research and poor control of imaging elements in the literature.
  2. A large number of studies test individuals on novel tasks. This assumes that all Ss are under an initial learning condition. However, depending upon the task it is possible that some Ss will never get out of the situation-familiarization and task-learning stages. Consequently, some Ss may not be displaying the true effects of an experimental condition when the study ceases.
  3. A relationship between imagery ability and performance has not always been shown. Usually, tests which measure imagery ability are not concerned with movement. Some studies have been concerned with visual imagery where kinesthetic imagery might have been more important and influential.
  4. Imagery instructions may not suit a S's preferred imagery form or strategy.

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