Bleier, R., & O'Neil, T. (1975). Fighting back. New York, NY: Stein and Day.

Rocky Bleier (running-back for the Pittsburgh Steelers' Super Bowl winning teams of the 1970s) recounted his game preparation imagery.

" . . . . I sit in front of it on a long wooden bench, and run through our plays one more time . . . I do that for all our plays--about thirty runs and thirty passes. I know them, of course. I rehearsed them this morning before the team meal. And last night while I lay in bed. And four days last week, and four days the week before. . . . . Still, it reassures me to think through them one more time. . . . For any situation that arises on the field, I want to have an experience to draw upon, even if it's only a mental experience . . ." (pp. 11-12).

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