Siders, W. A., Lukaski, H. C., & Bolonchuk, W. W. (1993). Relationships among swimming performance, body composition and somatotype in competitive collegiate swimmers. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 33, 166-171.

Body composition and somatotype were correlated with sprint swimming (100 yd) performance in females (N = 43) and males (N = 31). Positive partial correlations were found between height (-.47), mesomorphism (.40), ectomorphism (-.4), percent body fat (.35), and fat-free weight (-.33) in women. No significant correlations were revealed in the men. In 23 women, after performances had changed over the competitive season, height (-.77), fat-free weight (-.66), body weight (-.44), ectomorphism (.44), and mesomorphism (.39) were significantly correlated with performance. No variables were related in men.

Implication. Characteristics of body composition such as percent body fat, height, mesomorphism, and ectomorphism are related to sprint swimming performance in females but not males. This suggests that females should pay more attention to their body composition if sprint swimming is their competitive preference.

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