Lee, E. J., Etnyre, B. R., Poindexter, H. B., Sokol, D. L., & Toon, T. J. (1989). Flexibility characteristics of elite female and male volleyball players. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 29, 49-51.

Flexibility of the shoulder and hip flexors were correlated with jumping ability in male (N = 24) and female (N = 22) volleyball players attending the United States Olympic Festival.

In males a positive correlation between hip flexion and approach vertical jump was demonstrated and supported the theory that the more flexible is an athlete, the greater is the skill performance. However, the opposite was found for women, the greater the hip flexibility, the less was both standing and approach leaping ability.

This study points to a gender difference in jumping mechanics and performance characteristics. Further investigation needs to be performed to determine correlates for female jumping ability.

Implication. For jumping, men and women are not influenced by the same factors and therefore, should be taught and trained differently.

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