Hakkinen, K. (1993). Changes in physical fitness profile in female basketball players during the competitive season including explosive type strength training. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 33, 19-26.

Female basketball players (N = 10) were assessed throughout a 22-week competitive season. Specific explosive strength training was performed throughout the season.

No changes in VO<small>2max</small>, anthropometric, or maximal isometric leg-extensor force were observed. This suggested that the competitive and training regimes maintained aerobic status. Significant increases in anaerobic work in a continuous jumping task as well counter movement jump were observed. The nature of the isometric force production in leg extension altered to show a shortening of the time to produce submaximal forces. Explosive training effects were negatively correlated with initial values recorded at the season start.

The training effects observed could be attributable to the initial low levels of Ss. However, the training also could have offset a possible interfering effect of the overall volume of training and competitive aerobic demands of the season of basketball.

Implication. In initially low-capacity (pre-season status) young women, sport-specific explosive strength training during a prolonged competitive season can contribute to improvements in anaerobic function and explosive sport-specific activity.

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