Telford, R. D., Graham, K. S., Sutton, J. R., Hahn, A. G., Campbell, D. A., Creighton, S. W., Cunningham, R. B., Davis, P. G., Gore, C. J., Smith, J. A., & Tumilty, D. McA. (1996). Medium altitude training and sea-level performance. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 741.

Medium altitude training is widely used with a view to improving sea-level performance. Elite male distance runners (N = 18) were divided into groups matched for previous and planned training as well as several aerobic parameters. The altitude training group lived and trained at 1700-2000 m. It was concluded that after four weeks at medium altitude no advantage over sea-level training improved 3.2 Km running performance in already well-trained elite runners.

Implication. This study was carefully controlled and involved very elite athletes. No benefit from moderate-altitude training was revealed.

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