Sucec, A. A. Hodgdon, J. A., Roy, B. A., & Hazard, A. A. (1996). Time course of acclimatization to altitude (2440 m) in female and male runners, and its effects on VO2max and performance. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 417.

Trained runners (M = 12; F = 7) were measured for VO2max and timed for 1, 2, and 3-mile runs at sea-level and during acclimation to altitude (2,440 m). Observed changes are listed in the table below. The data at altitude were pooled for the genders and expressed as a percentage change from sea-level values.

Time          Sex     VO2max       1 mile      2 miles      3 miles
Sea-level     F       54.5 m/kg    5.90 min    12.65 min    19.80 min
              M       65.3 m/kg    4.81 min    10.44 min    16.49 min
Week 1 alt    M/F     -12.8%       14.3%       11.1%        9.9%
Weeks 5/9 alt M/F      -9.2%        9.0%        9.6%        7.0%

It was concluded that acclimatization for endurance capacity and performance was completed by the fifth week.

Implication. The basic parameters for performance and endurance capacity for runners acclimatize within five weeks at moderate altitudes.

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