Phillips, E. (1992). No simple explanation for Kenyan's dominance -- Running. San Diego Union-Tribune, 17 June, p. D-2.

"OK, so Kenyans win a lot of races. Why? (Whoever said "Because they run fast" is excused and may go straight to the reading Gallery.) Running Research News posed that question to Swedish exercise physiologist Bengt Saltin, who went to Kenya last year and conducted some running research of his own."

What he found was that, predictably, there is no simple reason why Kenyans as a people tend to be superior distance runners. RRN discusses some of the recently traditional explanations:

Although the newsletter says, flat out, "Several of these hypotheses are pretty shaky," further discussion by editor Owen Anderson and researcher Saltin put most of them into something no worse than the yes-but category:

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