Faulkner, J. A., Kollias, J., Favour, C. B., Buskirk, E. R., & Balke, B. (1968). Maximum aerobic capacity and running performance at altitude. Journal of Applied Physiology, 24, 685-691.

Five runners spent two weeks at 2,300 m, one week at 3,100 m and then returned to 2,300 m. VO2max the first week back at 2,300 m showed a 3% increase over the previous highest value at 2,300 m. However, after another week at the lower altitude, VO2max had returned to its previous 2,300 m values.

Implication. The severity of response to altitude is moderated by the acuteness of exposure. Moderate adaptations should be expected at moderate altitudes, while marked and extreme adaptations should be expected at high altitudes.

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