Santana, J. O., Avelar, B., Rocha, A., Madureira, D., Donghia, P. S., Rocha, L. Y., Zocoler, C., & Caperuto, E. C. (2014). Creatine and caffeine associated improve performance in runners without increase in total body weight. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 2746.

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This study evaluated the effects of creatine and caffeine taken together on running performance in active adults (N = 11; age 20-30 years) of both genders. Ss were randomly divided into two groups: i) Creatine/Caffeine (N = 6), and ii) Resistant-starch/Caffeine (N = 5), with both groups receiving a programmed training plan of four running sessions for a week, during four weeks with an emphasis on running intensity. Supplements were administered in a double-blind manner: Creatine/Caffeine (20g of creatine daily for five days plus 5g of creatine daily for 15 days), and Resistant-starch/Caffeine (20g of resistant starch daily for five days plus 5g of resistant starch daily for 15 days). Caffeine ingestion was acute for both groups, 6mg/kg of body weight, on the last 10 km race. Variables were collected before and after experimental protocols, using 10 km races as the test distance. The evaluated variables were: body fat, total body weight, time to complete a 10 km race, rating of perceived exertion, and perceived pain after the race, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), and lean body mass.

There were no significant differences for VO2max, rating of perceived exertion, rating of perceived pain, body fat, and total body-weight. The 10 km performance-time decreased significantly and lean body mass also increased in the Creatine/Caffeine group compared to Resistant-starch/Caffeine group.

Implication. Creatine supplementation works synergistically with acute ingestion of caffeine improving running performance.

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