Otaka, M., Lin, C.-H., Kuo, C.-H., & Chen, S.-M. (2016). Null effect Of DHEA-S on muscle strength and serving performance in young women. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 48(5), Supplement abstract number 243.

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This study determined if oral-DHEA supplementation increased muscle strength and tennis-skill performance in young women (N = 10; age ~20.2 years). Ss ingested DHEA (25 mg per day) and a placebo one day before assessments. A one-month washout period was provided.

DHEA supplementation significantly increased plasma DHEA-S level from 0.9 to 1.5 microgram/mL. However, there was no significant change in average hip isokinetic-strength, tennis serving-accuracy, or ball serving-speed. DHEA supplementation did not affect total mood disturbance or blood pressure among Ss. Monthly variations in hip-muscle strength and ball serving speed decreased during the DHEA trial.

Implication. Despite a reported relationship between plasma DHEA-S and motor performance, there were no significant changes in tennis-skill performances or mood state with DHEA supplementation in young women.

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