Gorma, B., A., & Mellick, P. F. (2014). The effects of pre-workout supplementation on endurance performance in healthy collegiate females. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 2743.

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This study examined the effect of a pre-workout supplement on endurance performance in healthy, collegiate females (N = 7; age = ~21 years). Ss completed two trials in which they were randomly assigned to consume either a sugar-free placebo or a mainly caffeine supplement (both 8 oz.) 15 minutes prior to exercise. Ss received the opposite drink during their second trial. Trials were separated by at least two days. On each day, Ss ran one mile, to the best of their ability. Heart rate and lactate measurements were recorded both before and immediately after exercise. Time to complete the one-mile run was also recorded.

Run time to completion significantly improved when Ss consumed the pre-workout caffeine supplement. Blood lactate rose significantly during both trials when comparing pre-workout to post-workout measurements, however, no difference was found between caffeine and the placebo conditions.

Implication. A pre-workout supplement containing caffeine, taurine, and many B vitamins, consumed 15 minutes before running can enhance performance by improving run-time to completion.

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