Howatson, G., Walshe, I. A., Davison, G. W., & Bell, P. G. (2014). Montmorency cherries reduce oxidative stress and inflammation responses to repeated days high-intensity stochastic cycling. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 1451.

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This study examined the effects of Montmorency cherry concentrate supplementation on the oxidative stress and inflammatory responses to repeated days of a high-metabolic stress in trained male cyclists (N = 16). Ss were randomly and equally assigned to either a Montmorency cherry concentrate or isocalorific Placebo group and completed seven days of supplementation (2 x 30 mL per day) whilst abiding by set dietary and exercise restrictions. At 9 am on days 5-7, Ss completed a high-intensity stochastic cycling task lasting 109 minutes. Venous blood samples were taken pre-supplementation and immediately pre- and post-exercise on days 5-7 for analysis of oxidative stress (lipid hydroperoxides]) and the inflammatory indices IL-6, IL-8, TNF-alpha, and hsCRP.

Interaction effects were found for lipid hydroperoxides, IL-6, and hsCRP. Lipid hydroperoxides were lower in the cherry-concentrate group following the initial exercise (day 5) and remained reduced for the duration of the study, with peak differences, when compared to placebo, occurring following the final exercise bout (30%). IL-6 was attenuated with the cherry concentrate supplementation when compared to placebo following the initial exercise bout on day 5 (206%) and day 7 (142%). When compared to placebo, hsCRP was lower in the Montmorency-cherry concentrate supplementation group prior to (112%) and following (114%) the exercise task on day 6.

Implication. Montmorency cherry concentrate supplementation is an effective strategy for combatting exercise-induced oxidative stress and inflammation during repeated days of high-intensity metabolic exercise. Application of this may be suited to events such as tournaments, cycling tours, and multi-day meets where recovery from subsequent daysí performances is paramount.

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