DeWalt, J. D., Johnson, K. D., & Gainey, E. L. (2014). The effects of eight weeks of CrossFit training and consumption of an electrokinetically modified water on aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, and knee peak torque. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 1788.

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This study examined the effects of eight weeks of CrossFit training in combination with the consumption of electrokinetically-modified water on aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, and peak knee torque in CrossFit trained males (N = 20). Ss were randomly assigned to a control (N = 11) or electrokinetically-modified water (N = 9) condition, and instructed to maintain their current training volume and drink a prescribed number of bottles (500ml) based on weight (<68kg = 2 bottles/day, 68.2kg-102.3kg= 3 bottles/day, >102.3kg = 4 bottles/day). Ss performed a graded exercise treadmill VO2max test, a peak knee torque flexion/extension test on a Biodex Isokinetic Machine at 120/second, and a 30-second Wingate test for anaerobic power before and after the eight-week training period.

There were no significant differences in VO2max, extensor-knee peak torque, flexor-knee peak torque, or peak power over eight weeks of consumption of electrokinetically-modified water and CrossFit training.

Implication. Electrokinetically-modified water consumption over eight-weeks does not have any ergogenic effect on aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, or peak knee torque in male CrossFit athletes.

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