Palmer, T. G., Mattacola, C. G., Uhl, T. L., Hewett, T. E., Howell, D., & Viele, K. (2013). Effects of a sport specific training program on throwing velocity in softball and baseball players. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 45(5), Supplement abstract number 2259.

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This study assessed the effects of a traditional endurance-training program and a sport-specific power-training program targeting the proximal body segments on throwing velocity in collegiate baseball/softball players (M = 29; F = 17). Ss were assigned to one of two training groups for seven weeks; a traditional endurance training group (N = 21) or a power-training group (N = 25). The primary outcome measure was the change in peak throwing velocity (km/h) normalized for body weight (kg).

The peak-throwing velocity change score was significantly faster by 6% in the power-training group at post-intervention compared to the endurance-trained group. There was a large treatment effect for peak-throwing velocity/kg of body weight between the groups pre- to post-intervention.

Implication. A sport-specific training regimen that targeted the spine and trunk improved throwing velocity in collegiate baseball and softball players.

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