Greene, D. R., Winter, A. P., & Petruzzello, S. J. (2013). Effect of differing intensities of resistance exercise on affect and enjoyment. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 45(5), Supplement abstract number 549.

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This study examined the dose-response relationship between resistance exercise intensity and affective change with an emphasis on affective response during exercise in males (N = 14). Ss completed two resistance training protocols on different days. Individual 10 repetitions maximum (10-RM) was assessed on Day 1 for seven exercises (bench press, leg curls, bent over rows, leg extensions, shoulder press, biceps curls, triceps extensions); on Days 2 and 3 resistance training protocols at 70% or 100% 10-RM were completed (randomly assigned). Measures of affect (Energy, Tiredness, Tension, Calmness) were taken before, post-0, and post-20 minutes after each condition; enjoyment (PACES) was measured immediately after each condition. Feeling Scale was measured before, after each set (3 sets, 10 reps, 7 exercises), and at 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes post-exercise. Perceived exertion and Felt Arousal Scale were measured before, after each of the seven exercises, and post-20 minutes in each condition.

Enjoyment did not differ between the two conditions. Energy and Tension increased following exercise independent of intensity. Tiredness decreased Pre- to Post-0, then increased post-0 to post-20, but only for 70% condition. Calmness decreased following both intensities, but increased from Post-0 to Post-20 only for 70% condition. Average Feeling Scale values were higher in the 70% vs. 100% conditions. Feeling Scale measures did not change in the 70% condition, but decreased during the 100% condition. Affect measured during exercise was significantly correlated with enjoyment but only for the 100% condition.

Implication. There is a link between exercise intensity, affect, and enjoyment to resistance exercise. In-task affect is important to consider in this relationship.

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