Fradkin, A. J. (2014). Which warm-up components are essential to improve female golf performance? Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 959.

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This study examined the acute effects of the different warm-up components both individually and in conjunction with each other on performance in highly proficient female golfers (N = 30). Ss performed five swings with a 5-iron to serve as baseline measures and then undertook 10 swings after each of the seven different warm-up combinations (aerobic-exercise only; stretching only; specific-activity only; aerobic exercise and stretching; aerobic exercise and specific activity; stretching and specific activity; and all three components) in random order on non-consecutive days. The Flight Scope X2 Vector Launch System measured club and ball flight characteristics.

Aerobic, aerobic+strength, aerobic+specific-activity, specific-activity only, and all-components conditions showed significant increases in carry-distance, ball-speed, and club-head speed. Stretching and specific-activity showed significant increases in carry-distance and club-head speed. Stretching showed significant decreases in carry-distance, ball-speed, and club-head speed.

Implication. Warm-up activities are needed to improve golf-stroke performance. Stretching-activity only decreases performance factors and hence, should be avoided. Stretching involved in air-swinging and aerobic exercises is sufficient for warm-up purposes.

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