Besser. T., Evans, B.,Finn, D., O'Neill, A., Schafer, M. A., Hoover, D. L. (2013). The effects of static stretching on metabolic efficiency during a graded cycling-test. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 45(5), Supplement abstract number 2172.

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This study explored the effects of static stretching on metabolic efficiency during a graded cycling-test in experienced cyclists (N = 20). Ss rode an average of at least 50 miles per week and excluded individuals who possessed any type of pathology. Ss visited the laboratory on two occasions. They completed a graded cycling-test after experiencing two randomized conditions; standardized static stretching or no-stretching protocols. Following a uniform warm-up, Ss rode an electronically-braked cycle ergometer until volitional failure.

Significant condition x time interactions were found for oxygen uptake, rate of elimination of carbon dioxide, respiratory exchange ratio, and ferrous peroxide. Those measures were significantly different between the experimental and control conditions. Static stretching significantly influenced metabolic efficiency during stages of a graded cycling-test.

Implication. Static stretching may make experienced cyclists more metabolically efficient at lesser exercising intensities and less metabolically efficient at higher intensities.

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