Bang, S., & Duoos, B. A. (2014). Effect of muscular strength on shot speed in male collegiate lacrosse players. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 239.

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This study determined the relationship of muscular strength with shot speed in male collegiate lacrosse players (N = 20). Ss performed a one repetition maximum (1 RM) power bench press, a 1 RM squat, and a timed bent-knee sit-up test. Shot speed was determined using a speed gun aimed at a player from 12 yards away as they used an overhand technique to shoot a lacrosse ball into an empty lacrosse net. Two steps were allowed during the shot wind up. Averages of five shot speeds per player were recorded.

When correlated to 1 RM bench press, shot speed resulted in a moderate relationship (r = 0.519). Shot speed when correlated to 1 RM squat resulted in an extremely low non-significant relationship (r = 0.136). Shot speed when correlated with number of bent-knee sit-ups completed in one minute resulted in a negative moderate relationship (r = -0.462).

Implication. Upper-extremity muscle strength has a statistically significant moderate relationship with lacrosse shot-speed of male collegiate lacrosse players. It is worthy to note that strength in the legs is not related to shot speed.

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