Yamamoto, N., Wada, T., Yanagi, H., & Hashimoto, M. (2014).High concentration CO2-water bathing promotes a recovery from the muscle fatigue induced by resistance exercise. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 97.

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This study investigated whether the immersion of the extremities including agonist muscles into artificially made high-concentration CO2-water (CO2>1000 ppm) influences recovery of muscle fatigue hardness and soreness after resistance exercise. Males (N = 12) performed 100 calf-raise resistance exercises and immersed lower legs into tap-water or artificial CO2-water at 35°C for 10 minutes after exercise. The medial head of the gastrocnemius dominant muscle hardness was evaluated with the indentation method at pre-exercise, immediately after exercise, and after 10 minutes of recovery. Simultaneously, muscle soreness was assessed using a 100 mm visual analogue scale where Ss were instructed that 0 mm indicated no pain at all, while 100 mm was an indication of ‘unbearable’ pain. Ss were asked to rate their muscle soreness experienced during each measure by making a mark on a 100 mm line. Resistance exercise was performed only the first day. Lower-legs water-immersion (tap-water or CO2-water) was performed every 24 hours for five consecutive days after the resistance exercise. On the second recovery day, muscle hardness and soreness were measured before and after lower-leg water immersion.

Muscle hardness reached a peak value in the three days after exercise. In the CO2-water immersion compared with the tap-water, muscle hardness decreased. However, no difference was observed between the two groups at the fifth day. Muscle soreness in the tap-water reached a peak on the second day, and then decreased gradually. In the CO2-water, there was muscle soreness until the second day, which disappeared on the third day.

Implication. High concentration artificial CO2-water bathing may contribute to rapid recovery from the muscle fatigue.

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