Keeley, D. W., Oliver, G., Torry, M., & Wicke, J. (2013). Validity of pitch velocity and strike percentage to assess fatigue in young baseball pitchers. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 45(5), Supplement abstract number 2287.

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This study compared pitching velocity and strike-percentage across levels of perceived fatigue in young baseball pitchers (N = 14) to evaluate them as tools for assessing fatigue. Pitching velocity, first-strike percentage, total strike percentage, and perceived fatigue were measured throughout a simulated pitching performance.

No differences in pitch velocity were observed across fatigue levels. Total strike percentage increased significantly between fatigue 0 and fatigue 1. First-strike percentage increased significantly between fatigue 0 and fatigue 1 before decreasing significantly for fatigue 2.

Tracking pitching velocity was not shown to be a valid tool for assessing pitching fatigue. However, total strike-percentage and first-strike percentage may be valid tools for assessing fatigue and may provide coaches with evidence of the onset of pitching fatigue. The significant increase in first-strike percentage and total strike percentage between fatigue 0 and fatigue 1 indicates that young pitchers may not perform a warm-up protocol that allows them to achieve peak performance immediately upon entering a game.


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