Tallhamer, B., Bryner, R. W., Ryan, M., & Reneau, P. (2013). The effects of vision eye-training on softball skill performance. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 45(5), Supplement abstract number 2170.

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This study determined if a 6-week vision-training program, designed to train saccades, accommodation, vergence of the eye, hand-eye coordination, and peripheral vision, enhanced skills related to softball in a group of female collegiate softball players (N = 21). Ss from a Division II collegiate setting were randomly assigned into a treatment or control group. Treatment consisted of 20 sessions of vision training conducted over six weeks. Eye-training was conducted following a specific program using equipment from the Eye Metrix, Inc. with exercises changing every session. The control group did not participate in any vision training. Ss maintained their usual softball practice schedule. Dependent variables included colored-line hitting perception test, colored-line bunting perception test and background alteration, vertical saccades, horizontal saccades, and hand-eye coordination/peripheral vision assessment.

Vision eye-training significantly improved performance in softball-related skill tests; colored-line hitting perception test, colored-line bunting perception test, background alteration, and fielding test. The experimental group also showed a significant difference in all the eye-training tests.

Implication. Vision eye-training has a positive impact on the performance of softball skills.

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