Meng, F.-W., Chan, M.-L., Yeh, T.-C., Wu, K.-H., & Cheng, H.-W. (2014). Effect of agility training on exercise performance in college males. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 941.

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This study investigated the effects of step-hurdle agility training on exercise performance during volleyball playing among college males (N = 12). Ss were recruited and divided into step-hurdle agility training and control groups. Exercise performance was assessed by the volleyball-block total response times which were measured by Block Agility Estimator System in pre- and after two and four weeks of training.

There were differences between the two groups in block total response times after four weeks of training with the agility group improving significantly more. In the step-hurdle agility training group, there was a significant improvement in block total response times after four weeks of training.

Implication. Step-hurdle agility training improves block performance in young college males. Agility training enhances the step shifting ability and shortens the reaction time to stimulations resulting in an improvement in the moving blocking technique.

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