Bonitatis, M. P., Oakman, J. E., Desiderio, A. M., Neal, M. P., Cromwell, C. M., Ryder, C. W., Good, N. M., Lenzo, J. M., Aichele, K. R., Brown, M. D., & Feairheller, D. L. (2014). Effects of acute exercise on blood pressure and body composition in Division III wrestlers. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 46(5), Supplement abstract number 248.

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This study investigated the effects of an acute exercise session on blood pressure and body composition in wrestlers (N = 18). Ss went to the laboratory on four separate occasions within a 3-day period for three measurements taken after a 12-hour fast and one measurement taken after a team workout. All Ss passed the NCAA required hydration test to participate in the study. For body composition, while Ss were supine, three recordings were collected using a hand-leg BIA device. An average was determined. On the third day, wrestlers also came directly to the laboratory after a team workout and measurements were collected within 30 minutes. The workout lasted two hours and consisted of 30-second intervals of anaerobic activity including shooting drills, footwork skills, and sprints.

There were no significant differences in diet variables over the three-day period No significant changes occurred in body composition over the three-day testing period; the only variable to change was diastolic blood pressure. With acute exercise, systolic blood pressure, fat-free mass, and total-body water all increased. With acute exercise, weight, fat mass, body fat, body mass index, and basal metabolic rate all decreased.

Implication. In collegiate wrestlers, body composition over a 3-day period is consistent. Changes in body composition occur with acute exercise. [No control group was used in the exercise phase of the study.

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