Kokkonen, J., & Nelson, A. G. (1996). Acute stretching exercises inhibit maximal strength performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 28(5), Supplement abstract 1130.

Volunteers (M = 15; F = 17) were tested for leg strength 10 min after 20 min static, 20 min ballistic, and no stretching on separate days. Both forms of stretching decreased subsequent strength performance in each group of and the total Ss.

It was suggested that the decrease could be related to the Golgi tendon organ stimuli inhibiting the action of spinal cord neurons of the muscle groups involved in the heavy stretching.

Implication. Heavy stretching should not precede maximal strength efforts. Only sufficient stretching to facilitate a full movement range is suggested. It is possible to do too much stretching before a maximum effort.

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