Hewett, T. E., Strouppe, A. L., Nance, T. A., & Noyes, F. R. (1966). Decreased impact forces and increased hamstrings torques in female athletes with plyometric training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 28(5), Supplement abstract 321.

The effect of a jump-training program on landing mechanics and lower extremity strength was assessed in females involved in jumping sports. Responses to a six-week training program were compared to untrained males. The program was designed to decrease landing forces by teaching neuromuscular control of the lower limb during landing and to increase vertical jump height.

Training produced a 9.2% increase in vertical jump. Landing training decreased impact forces by reducing medial and lateral torque at the knee, increased power, and decreased hamstrings strength imbalances. A case was made for the plyometric training and technique instruction as being potentially beneficial for knee-injury prevention.

Implication. Performance can be increased and injury potential decreased if plyometric training is performed along with landing technique instruction with females.

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