Hetzler, R. K., DeRenne, C., Buxton, B. P., Nelson, K. R., Seichi, G. M., Chai, D. X., & Ho, K. W. (1994). Effect of 12 weeks of strength training on anaerobic power in pubescent male athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 26(5), Supplement abstract 469.

Control, experienced, and inexperienced males (13.6 +- 3.9 yrs), after strength training (3 days/wk) were evaluated on the Wingate, Margaria, and Sargent Jump tests, 40 yd dash, leg press (1RM), and bench press (1RM). It was found that improvements in strength occurred in the training exercises but there was no increase in anaerobic power tests.

Implication. The benefits of strength training are limited in adolescents. They do not transfer to anaerobic performance in activities other than the training exercises themselves.

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