Butchar, J., & Becque, M. D. (1966). Effects of high and low intensity weight training on iEMG and force. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 28(5), Supplement abstract 1139.

High and low repetition training programs were evaluated for effects on the EMG to force relationship. Low repetitions (LR) were 2-6 and high repetitions (HR) were 10-15, both for 3-4 sets per session twice per week. EMG recordings were integrated (iEMG).

The iEMG to force ratio increased for the LR group and decreased for the HR group. Low repetitions increase activation and strength. High repetitions increased strength but did not increase activation. It was concluded that the mechanism for strength increase in experienced lifters is dependent upon the loads used.

Implication. Weight training effects are specific to the load used. Consequently, any changes demonstrated are unlikely to transfer to other activities because the training effects are so specific.

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