Ormsbee, M. J., Mandler, W. K., Thomas, D. D., Kinsey, A. W., Riley, C. J., Panton, L. B., & Kim, J.-S. (2012). Effects of performance supplements on body composition and strength in trained men during 6 weeks of resistance training. Presentation 1827 at the 59th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, San Francisco, California; May 29-June 2, 2012.

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This study investigated the impact of pre- and post-workout performance supplements on body composition, muscle strength, and power in resistance-trained men (N = 24). Ss completed six weeks of periodized resistance training (three times per week). They were assigned to one of two groups based upon maximal voluntary contraction of the quadriceps to lean mass ratio. Group 1 (N = 13; Performance Supplement) consumed NO-Shotgun® before each workout and NO-Synthesize® immediately after each workout as well as on non-training days. Group 2 (N = 11; Placebo) consumed a flavor-matched isocaloric placebo. Body composition and circumferences, 1-repetition maximal strength (1RM) of the upper (bench press) and lower body (leg press), and anaerobic power (Wingate test) were assessed.

The supplement group increased lean mass by 4.7% with no change for the placebo group. Leg-press 1 RM increased in the supplement group with training by 19.56% and the placebo group by 25.94%. Bench press 1 RM increased in the supplement group by 8.4% and the placebo group by 6.9%. There were no significant differences between groups for the 1 RM tests. Circumferences increased for the arm in both groups (supplement 2.2%, placebo 2.6%), but only the supplement group increased thigh measures by 2.5%. The supplement group significantly increased relative anaerobic power by 9.38%, while the placebo group remained unchanged.

Implication. Pre- and post-exercise consumption of NO-Shotgun® and NOSynthesize ® during six weeks of periodized resistance training facilitated improvements in lean mass and anaerobic power in resistance-trained males. These supplements do not alter 1 RM muscle strength or reduce body fat mass.

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