Flores, H. A., Shull, R. A., Schmitt, R., Randle, C., Sullivan, K., Blazer, C., Yvellez, L., & Astorino, T. A. (2011). Efficacy of chocolate soy milk ingestion on supramaximal exercise performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43(5). Supplement abstract 2213.

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This study examined the effects of chocolate soymilk on performance subsequent to supramaximal intermittent exercise in mixed gender groups. Ss abstained from intense exercise for 24 hours prior to each session. Ss completed two Wingate Tests (load = 7.5% body weight) separated by five-minutes of active recovery. The protocol was repeated 24 hours later at the same time of day. Twenty minutes post-exercise on day 1, Ss ingested a 12 ounce recovery drink consisting of chocolate soy milk (N = 8), soy milk (N = 5), or water (N = 7) which was randomly allocated to Ss. Peak power, mean power, minimum power, fatigue index, and heart rate were recorded during all trials.

Water intake demonstrated lower peak power output on bout-two day-two compared to soy milk and chocolate soy milk. There was no difference in fatigue index across drinks and no difference in baseline peak power output across Ss.

Implication. Performance was similar among chocolate and regular soy milk, but the two milk-based drinks containing carbohydrate and protein elicited significantly higher power output than water on a second ay of testing. [The authors advise that there are improvements in the research design used here should this study be replicated.]

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