Chen, T.-T., Tsao, L.-Y., Hsu, S., Hsu, M.-C. (2011). Effects of chicken essence with ginseng extracts supplementation on physiological fatigue and metabolic response after exhaustive exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43(5). Supplement abstract 1789.

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This study investigated the effects of chicken essence with ginseng extracts supplementation on acute metabolic responses during recovery after a single bout of exhaustive exercise in males (N = 14). Ss were divided into chicken-ginseng or placebo groups and tested twice, two weeks apart. After eight hours of fasting, Ss ran on a treadmill to exhaustion. Blood samples were collected before exercise, and 0, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes after exercise. The next day, Ss ran on a treadmill at an estimated speed corresponding to 75% VO2max which served as a performance measure between the two groups.

No significant differences in the levels of blood glucose, lactate, creatine kinase, insulin, or free fatty acid between the two groups were observed at any of the time points. However, the levels of ammonia were significantly lower in the chicken-ginseng group than in placebo group at 60 and 120 minutes into recovery. The elimination rate of ammonia at 60 and 120 minutes of recovery was significantly higher in the chicken-ginseng group. The performance time for 75% VO2max running was significantly longer in the chicken-ginseng group compared to the placebo group.

Implication. Supplementation with chicken essence with ginseng extracts could enhance physiological recovery after an exhaustive exercise and prolong a 75% VO2max running exercise.

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