Childs, D., Ryan, M., & Reneau, P. (2011). The effects of core strength training on maximal running performance in middle-distance running. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43(5). Supplement abstract 2764.

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This study observed the effects of core strength training on maximal performance in male middle-distance runners (N = 15). Ss were pre-tested in an 800 m maximal running performance for time and were assessed in a 1-minute partial curl-up test. Ss were divided into two groups, core-strength training and control (no core strength training). Ss participated in four weeks of running training, with the core-strength training group participating in additional strength training. Post-experiment the same tests were repeated.

Groups were not different in either test before or after the treatment. Both groups changed in both measures over the course of the experiment. The degree of change in both variables was significantly greater in the core-strength training group when compared to the control group.

Implication. Core strength has a minor positive impact on maximal performance in male middle-distance runners.

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