Moore, R. D. (2011). Effects of acute exercise-induced fatigue on cognitive function. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43(5). Supplement abstract 1308.

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This study evaluated the effect of acute exercise-induced fatigue on cognitive function. Ss engaged in either 60 minutes of cycle ergometry at 60% of ventilatory threshold or 60 minutes of rest. Ss completed cognitive tests at baseline and at multiple time-points following the intervention. Physical and Mental Energy and Fatigue scores were recorded at baseline, following the intervention, and after each cognitive test. Event Related Potentials (ERPs) were recorded during the cognitive tests following the intervention.

Following 60 minutes of cycle ergometry, Ss reported significantly more physical fatigue and demonstrated significant decrements in performance on a complex visual-discrimination task compared to Ss who rested. Ss who exercised also demonstrated slower response times during a cognitive-vigilance test compared to rested Ss.

Implication. Lower level, automated cognitive processes appear to be influenced by exercise-induced fatigue, while upper level executive processes remain relatively unaffected.

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