Navalta, J. W., Hrncir, S. P. (2007). Core stabilization exercises enhance lactate clearance following high-intensity exercise. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 21, 1305-1309.

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Dynamic activities such as running, cycling, and swimming have been shown to effectively reduce lactate post-exercise. It is unknown whether core stabilization exercises performed following an intense bout would exhibit a similar effect. This study assessed the extent of the lactate response with core stabilization exercises following high-intensity anaerobic exercise. Ss (N = 12) reported twice for testing, and on both occasions baseline lactate was obtained after five minutes of seated rest. Ss then performed a 30-second Wingate anaerobic cycle test, immediately followed by a blood lactate sample. In the 5-minute post-exercise period, ss either rested quietly or performed core stabilization exercises. A final blood lactate sample was obtained following the 5-minute intervention period.

Lactate values were similar at rest and immediately after exercise. However, core stabilization exercises performed during the 5-minute post-exercise period reduced lactate values when compared to rest.

Implication. Performing core stabilization exercises during a recovery period significantly reduces lactate values. [This is just one further example of a large-muscle active recovery increasing the removal of lactate.]

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