Perrier, E. T., & Hoffman, M. A. (2009). Effects of static and dynamic stretching on reaction time and performance in a countermovement jump. ACSM 56th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington. Presentation Number 801.

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This study determined the effects of static or dynamic stretching warm-up on vertical jump height and reaction time. Recreationally-active males (N = 21) completed three experimental sessions. Each session consisted of a 5-minute treadmill jogging warm-up followed by one of three 15-minute stretching protocols: no stretching, static stretching, or dynamic stretching. After warm-up, Ss performed maximal countermovement jumps. They were instructed to initiate the jump as quickly as possible following a visual stimulus. Ss performed a total of 10 jumps with 60 seconds rest between jumps. Outcome measures were mean jump height and reaction time (time between light stimulus and onset of motion for the countermovement jump).

Mean jump height was significantly greater after dynamic stretching compared with no stretching. No difference in mean jump height was observed between static stretching and no-stretching conditions. Reaction time to the visual stimulus was not different between any of the stretch conditions.

Implication. Dynamic stretching enhanced jumping performance. Reaction time is not affected by either dynamic or static stretching in a warm-up.

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