Harris, C., Kipp, K., Adams, K. J., DeBeliso, M, & Bemings, J. M. (2011). The effects of a high-intensity warm-ups on shot put performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43(5). Supplement abstract 3019.

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This study evaluated whether a high-intensity warm-up enhanced the release velocity of the shot put. The warm-up utilized the power-jerk weight lifting movement to trigger a post-activation potentiation response in musculature used in the shot put. Division-I collegiate throwers, heptathletes, and decathletes (M = 6; F = 4) participated in the study. To evaluate the effects of post-activation potentiation, shot put release velocity was assessed following two randomly assigned warm-up conditions. The two conditions were separated by one week. The control trial involved static and dynamic stretches and calisthenics. The post-activation potentiation warm-up consisted of two sets of two repetitions of power-jerks at 50% and 75% of a S's 1 RM with two minutes rest between sets. This was followed by three sets of two repetitions at 85% 1 RM with three minutes rest between sets. Five minutes after each warm-up, Ss threw the shot put into a net using either a 7.26 kg shot put (males) or a 4 kg shot put (females). Ss performed two throws within a 15-second period, and then rested for three minutes. This was repeated two times resulting in six throws within six minutes. The best trial from all measured throws was used for analysis. The dependent measure was the release velocity of the shot put.

A significant increase in release velocity was found after the post-activation potentiation warm-up when compared to the control condition.

Implication. A post-activation potentiation (high-intensity) warm-up can increase in shot put release velocity in collegiate throwers.

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