Bullinger, D. L., Hearon, C. M, Gaines, S. A., & Daniel, M. L. (June 02, 2010). Concurrent verbal encouragement and Wingate anaerobic cycle test performance in females: Athletes vs. non-athletes. Presentation 1833 at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland; June 2-5.

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This study examined the effect of concurrent verbal encouragement on the performance of the Wingate Anaerobic Cycle Test in college-age female athletes (N = 1) and non-athletes (N = 10). The Wingate Anaerobic Cycle Test was novel to all Ss. Ss were blinded to the purpose of the study. Prior to the experimental trials, Ss were measured for body composition and performed a familiarity Wingate Anaerobic Cycle Test trial without verbal encouragement. Ss then performed the Wingate Anaerobic Cycle Test twice, once with concurrent verbal encouragement and once without, in a balanced cross-over design. All Wingate Anaerobic Cycle Test trials were performed at least one week apart. Peak power, mean power, and total work were compared between groups across conditions.

The two groups were similar in age and body composition but fat-free mass was significantly lower in athletes. Athletes were significantly better than non-athletes in peak and mean power and total work. When Ss were pooled, there was no difference between trials with and without verbal encouragement for any parameter.

Implication. Concurrent verbal encouragement does not affect performance on the Wingate Anaerobic Cycle Test in athletic and/or non-athletic females.

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