Ichimura, S., Hamaoka, T., Murase, N., Osada, T., Homma, T, Ueda, C., Nagasawa, T., Nakagawa, N., & Katsumura, T. (2003). The relationship between oxygen supply and neuromuscular fatigue. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 217.

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Healthy males (N = 5) performed an incremental hand-grip exercise in three arm positions (40 degrees below; horizontal, and 140 degrees above the shoulder abducent angle). Workload started at .5 watts and increased by .5 every minute until physical exhaustion. Neuromuscular fatigue was measured in the forearm flexor muscles. Oxygen supply to the working muscles was measured indirectly.

Oxygen supply was reduced in the elevated position. Exhaustion above was significantly shorter than in the below position. Neuromuscular fatigue was significantly shorter above than in the other two positions.

Implication. Forearm elevation accelerates performance and neuromuscular fatigue due to reduced oxygen supply.

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