Hunter, S. K., Sanders, J. M., Polichnowski, A J., & Ng, A. V. (2005). Men have greater hyperemia than women for a similar intensity isometric fatiguing contraction. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37(5), Supplement abstract 2006.

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Men (N = 16) were compared to women (N = 18) on their capacity to sustain an isometric contraction at 20% of maximal voluntary contraction force. Two independent trials were performed. One was until the target force no longer could be sustained and the other was for four minutes.

Men were stronger than women by ~60%. At the end of four minutes, men exhibited 100% peak blood flow while women were at 76% peak. In the fatiguing condition, active hyperemia was similar for both genders with peak blood flow being non-significantly different.

Implication. Men fatigue faster than women do at the same relative intensity of isometric contraction. Less blood flow in the men is seen as the cause of the fatigue.

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