Artioli, G. G., Gualano, B., Benatti, F. B., Coelho, D. F., Gailey, A C., & Lancha Jr., A. H. (2006). Sodium bicarbonate ingestion and its effects on blood lactate and judo-related performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5), Supplement abstract 1123.

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This study verified if sodium bicarbonate ingestion improved performance in a specific judo test. Judo competitors (N = 9) performed three series of a specific judo test, on two different days after sodium bicarbonate or placebo ingestion. Time recovery between series was five minutes. Ss ingested gelatinous capsules two hours before the trials. The dose was 0.3 g/kg.

There was a significant treatment effect for performance and lactate. The greater lactate concentration after sodium bicarbonate ingestion suggests that the ergogenic effect occurs due to an increase in glycolytic pathway activity.

Implication. Sodium bicarbonate ingestion improved judo-related performance, especially when fatigue was pronounced.

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